Interfaith Partners Stood Against War with Iran!

Interfaith Partners Stood Against War with Iran!


Organized with the help of Michigan United, Congresswoman Andy Levin, imam Elahi, Rev. Zundel, Rev. Rowe, Rev. Flowers and Mr. Ryan Bates addressed the media and condemned the war hawks propaganda and lies justify starting a war with Iran!

Imam Elahi mentioned that he started his interfaith journey in Iran before migrating to the US 27 years ago. Taking about religious diversity in Iran, he pointed to the existence of over 300 churches and over 90 synagogues in the country.

Though the Sunni Muslims are a Minority there are over 10000 Sunni mosques in the country.

He pointed to so many similar values in both the American and Iranian revolutions such as Declaration of Independence, freedom, life, liberty, and human equality and dignity!

Imam Elahi reminded the media of the Iranians to be the First Nation to hold candle vigil in show of sympathy for the families of 9-11 victims,

Thousands of Iranians sacrificed their blood to defeat isis, Alqeda and other terrorist cults in Iraq and Syria in addition to giving thousands of lives to prevent drug trafficking from Afghanistan to the Western world!

Imam questioned the honesty and seriousness of president Trump in sending phone number through Swiss embassy and said how can the president can be taken seriously while he keeps undoing all that accomplished during Obama Administration, disrespecting the breathtaking work of Zarif-Karry’s teams

Destroying a deal signed by our system and representatives of the major world powers? For President Trump to tear up an international treaty was an irresponsible, shameful and wrong act!

Not only he moved away from the agreement but he declared unjust sanction and economic war which based on Bolton it was meant to squeeze Iranians very hard until the pips squeak!

Giuliani went even farther saying the intention behind the sanction is to overthrow them!

Obviously violation of the agreement made more political isolation for Trump administration and and moved Iran closer to Russia and China!

Referring to recent report of Agnes Callamard the lead investigator of Khashoggi slaughtering in Saudi ambassador and their war crimes in Yemen, the imam said if anyone deserved sanction based on Agnes investigation it should be MBS not innocent Iranians!

Imam Elahi quoted Trump before the election who tweeted that the Saudi Kingdom was the world biggest founder of terrorism but now his Vice President accused Iran as the world sponsor of terrorism and still wants to negotiate!

Mr president if you really mean it then go back to the deal, cancel sanctions, and use a language of peace, respect, humbleness and not anger, arrogance, stubbornness and greed!

Threatening Iran with using words such as total obliteration, official end, crushing etc- won’t work!

As Enshtine said the definition of insanity is to do something again and again and expecting different result!

Imam Elahi stayed that the Iranians have no hard feeling for America and it’s great nation, though they are frustrated of certain practices of US governments toward them! Things like 1953 coup by CIA, support for Saddam during Iran-Iraq war, targeting flight 655 killing all its 290 passengers including 66 children, support for Mujahedeen Khalq who are responsible for killing of thousands of Iranians!

Imam concluded that still the best and the only option is dialogue, diplomacy and negotiation.

Diplomacy would work if the president silence the warmongers around him and not to be manipulated by words of Netanyahu and Ben Salman!

Remember it was Netanyahu who said that he convinced Trump to exit the nuclear deal and it was him who described the recent gathering in Warsaw as an opportunity to advance their interest in war with Iran.

Better Netanyahu solve his own criminal case with the court than adding a criminal war in the region.

How beautifully said it Benjamin Franklin “ life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late!

Let’s pray for wisdom as a way out of this global mess, confusion and chaos.

Wisdom was the main message of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad.

I am glad that we are here today to use the weapon of wisdom rather than war, death and destruction!

We call for peace and condemn hate, hypocrisy and warmongering!