Mission & Vision

Islamic House of Wisdom

Mission and Vision

The Islamic House of Wisdom (Dar al-Hikmah) is an Islamic center, through which services are offered to all who seek wisdom in the faith of Islam. The mission of the Islamic House of Wisdom is to worship God and serve the community as per the teachings of the holy Qu'ran, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the righteous members of his family (Ahlul Bayt).

The organization welcomes all Believers regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender or age to become enlightened by a clear perception and understanding of the Islamic teachings. Our vision is to disseminate Islamic knowledge and to provide Islamic services to all in the United States of America who seek wisdom in the faith of Islam. 

We aim to inspire an appreciation of Islamic values by teaching the religion and its principles, and by demonstrating their effectiveness in a changing society through a caring and peaceful environment. This spiritual vision is directed toward assisting interested individuals to pursue knowledge, justice, freedom, purpose, direction and salvation, by enriching their intellectual and spiritual domains.

Our mission and vision are further enhanced by the following objectives:

  • To administer, maintain and expand the existing programs and activities.
  • To construct and maintain facilities appropriate for spiritual and educational services.
  • To promote and maintain positive relationships with Islamic spiritual authorities.
  • To provide spiritual wisdom and appropriate guidance to strengthen the family nucleus.
  • To promote and maintain positive communication with the American general public, the mass media, and other religious centers.
  • To provide educational programs to enhance the participation and knowledge of Muslim and non-Muslims of all ages and gender.

The Islamic House of Wisdom is organized and shall be operated exclusively for the above described purposes and no part of any earnings realized on account of any of its activities or property, shall ensure to the benefit of any member or any other private individual, but shall be used solely for such religious purposes.

All provisions of Section 501C of the Internal Revenue Code will be observed. The Islamic House of Wisdom is devoted solely to the teachings and practice of Islam. The Islamic House of Wisdom promotes the faith of Islam for multinational, multicultural congregations. The Islamic House of Wisdom will not be influenced by any political entity.

Islamic House of Wisdom is Located at 22575 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights- Michigan, 48170 USA

Lit is such a Light in houses, which Allah has permitted to be raised to honor, for the celebration, in them of His name, in them is He glorified!
— -Holy Quran 24:36