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Festival of Faith, Family and Friends at Islamic House of Wisdom!

Festival of Faith, Family and Friends at Islamic House of Wisdom!

After one month of focusing on faith, recitation, reflection and participation in God’s reception the faithful gathered at IHW to end Ramadan’s rituals with spacial Eld prayers!

Imam Elahi lead the prayers and addressed the audience with the Eid

sermons examining the mission of Ramadan and what we must take from it.

The Imam called Ramadan a revolution in our souls and asked the faithful to implement the Ramadan’s message of mercy, forgiveness, love and solidarity with the suffering!

Reviewing the burning and tragic state of the umma especially in Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Sana’a, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Burma, Bahrain, and other suffering areas, imam called for more social and political outreach, courage and speaking truth with other fellow Americans standing against war, violence, corruption, lies, hypocrisy and selfishness!

Imam spoke about winning the hearts and minds of our neighbors through mercy and compassion and avoiding any practice that may hurt our neighborly relationship! Let’s fight the cancer of Islamophobia by the weapon of wisdom and values!

Referring to the President’s state visit to Britain and expensive ceremonies at the Buckingham palace, the president should had discussed some of those humanitarian tragedies, condemning MBS for 4 years of genocide in Yemen, the criminal army generals in Sudan for massacring pro-democracy forces, and Netanyahu for targeting the Palestinians in the Aqsa mosque, instead he attacked his host Sadeq Khan the Muslim mayor of London! That is rude!

The Saudis can't continue their isis style barbarian behaviors without Trump help! Sending more weapons for the murderers of Khashoggi and innocent Yemenis is extremely disgusting!

Imam Elahi spoke about dangerous moral tsunami threatening the young generation asked the family to manage the kids time during the Summer and bring them to Friday prayers and classes provided by IHW!

Let’s work together to raise a successful generation distinguished with faith, education, hard work and honesty!

Imam Elahi's Subject of this Friday Sermon 1:30 PM Sharp!

Imam Elahi's Subject of this Friday Sermon 1:30 PM Sharp!

"How To Turn the Summer Vacation of our Youth to a Divine Opportunity, A Time of Both Entertainment & Education, Pleasure & Prayer, Muscle & Mind, Rest & Responsibility, Family & Community!"

Imam Will Also Speak About: War is Not a Wise Way To Win The Iranians Minds and Hearts. If President Trump Hates To Fight Iran, He Should Fire His Warmongering Advisors,Honor Our System's Signatures, End the Illegal and Immoral Economic War Which Continues to Hurt Innocent Men, Women and Children of Iran and Make America Great Again Through Dialogue, Dignity and Diplomacy and Not Irresponsible Expressions and Military Threats.

Imam Elahi Will Call on the White House and International Community to Rise to their Legal and Moral Responsibility in the Light of Truthful Report of Honorable Agnes Callamard the Courageous UN Human Rights Representative On the Brutal and Barbaric Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate 8 Months Ago. Where is Justice? Where is The Journalist Body and How Longer the White House Continues Its support for Genocide of Yemenis by the Corrupt Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

IHW Interfaith Dinner Inspired Unity, Love and Education!

IHW Interfaith Dinner Inspired Unity, Love and Education!

Following the Passover and the Easter celebrations at the birth Anniversary of Imam Al-Mahdi(SA) the shining light of hope for peace and justice, the Islamic House of Wisdom held its community and interfaith dinner at Bellagio Banquet Center in Dearborn Heights in April 25th 2019!

Following the recitation from the Holy Quran by hajj Younes Makki, the mayor of Dearborn Heights, Honorable Daniel S. Paletko welcomed the local and national guests!

Mayor Paletko: Admired the role of IHW in outreach and stated, I brag about the IHW anywhere I go. Every time I go to the mosque, I hear nothing but love, peace, cooperation, and interfaith. We are blessed to have the IHW in Dearborn Heights, the work that imam does for interfaith is one of the best I have heard or seen of in the world. 

Following the welcoming words of the Mayor, four inter and interfaith leaders were awarded during this memorable interfaith assembly! The fifth recipient was the representative of the prime minster of New Zealand who couldn’t make it because of memorial holiday in their country!

Dr. Mahmoud al-Hadidi, Wissam Bazzi, Mahdi Elahi and Laila Amin introduced the awardees and invited them to the stage to address the audience and receive the event’s awards!

Imam Elahi read and presented the Award Plaques!

Thomas G. Walsh, Ph.D.

For Decades of Passionate, Powerful, and Incalculable Efforts in Promoting World Peace and Understanding. A True Leader and Contributor in the Academia, NGO Services, and Dialogue Across Cultures and Countries Around the World.

Dr. Michael Jenkins

For your Leadership, Courage and Commitment. An Inspiring Voice of Friendship, Peace and Benevolence for our Nation and Every Nation Across the Globe.

Robert A. Bruttell

For your Leadership, Bridge Building, Interfaith Services, and Call for Education, Inclusion, and Respect for Each and Every Community!

Imam Abdullah El-Amin

For your dedication in serving the community with a Voice of Unity and Humbleness while taking a Stance Against Segregation and Sectarianism.

Prime Minister Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

For your invaluable leadership during the darkest hours of the dual mosque massacre that took place in New Zealand. Your sense of moral responsibility and unwavering battle against the forces of hate, racism, and Islamophobia is much appreciated!

The recipients of the Awards thanked IHW and imam Elahi for the invitation and hospitality!

Dr Thomas Walsh: Addressed the guests and stated: I have known imam for 30 years, in the Assembly of world religions, 700 guests representing every faith in the world to promote dialogue. I think the work of the IHW represents the same thing. Rooted in Islamic Faith and tradition but open to people of all faiths and all backgrounds with deep love and respect.

Dr. Rev. Michael Jenkins called imam Elahi One of the greatest interfaith leaders.

He pointed out in 2017 when the president of US said we will bring fire and fury like the world has never seen. The dictator in the north said I have now the nuclear capability to land and explode a nuclear device in Los Angeles. That month a group of 400 religious leaders including Imam Elahi went to the Korean border, bringing an interfaith prayer. Suddenly after that conference, Kim Jung expressed his readiness for dialogue. If we continue to pray together, we will end the tensions of war all around the world.

(At that time Imam Elahi looked at Dr. Rev. Jenkins and said let’s plan for another prayer this time to end the tension between Iran and America. Iran is punished because they were fighting isis).

Robert Bruttel was another awardee of the dinner who also addressed the guests and thanked imam Elahi and IHW adding- We want people 1000 years from now to remember metropolitan Detroit as the House of Wisdom as it was 1000 years ago in Baghdad, bringing together creative, wonderful, and diverse forces in our society.

The founding imam of Muslim center in Detroit, Imam Abdallah El-Amin also made some remarks. He mentioned almost three decades of working with imam Elahi on unity of the Muslim community!

Imam expresses his appreciation to the Imam and IHW, he stated that Imam Elahi has done a magnificent in building this institution and putting his heart and soul into it.

During the dinner the students of IHW Arabic school performed Imam Mahdi nasheed, followed with words from Hajja Salaam and Hajja Umzainab about IHW educational services!

Imam Elahi was the keynote speaker of the dinner! This is the summery of Imam’s message!

Imam Elahi thanked the clergy, elected officials, community organizations and members and spoke about the mission of IHW in the areas of faith, family values, education and humble services to the poor, homeless and those who come to IHW under their disparate circumstances!

Imam considered outreach and interfaith as a central part in IHW mission.

The Quran is a book of dialogue, it shows that God Himself, despite of His knowledge and power has been in dialogue with His friends and enemies!

Diversity is part of God’s wisdom, if we follow the Divine design in our nature, we would celebrate civilization of love, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, peace and justice!

All hate, hypocrisy, warmongering, violence and terrorism are products of losing that Divine identity!

Imam Elahi called Islamophobia, antisemitism , white Supremacy and other manifestos of hate and prejudice as serious dangers for our democracy, dignity, diversity, security and national unity! Only through honest dialogue and education we can overcome these ignorant insults and attacks!

Imam Elahi called isis and other terrorist cults as the worse enemies of Islam and questioned the policies of president Trump who considers the governments that supported isis as close allies, while those who have been fighting and defeating isis as enemies and keeps them under punishment!

To defend the dictators and reward the sponsors of terrorism while punishing the victims of terrorism is not in the best interesting the US and won’t make our country great again!

Imam Elahi called the area Muslim and non-Muslim neighborhoods as one family and one community and asked the mayors and city Council members to choose friendly dialogue as the path for any disagreement on the issues related to the governance of the cities!

Imam Elahi Thanked hajj Kassem Beydoun for hosting the event and dedicating the dinner to the soul of his mother late hajja UmKassem (God bless her soul).

Honorable Sam Beydoun the wayne County Commissioner presented a resolution plaque to Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi on the day of IHW's Community Dinner.

Honorable Sam Beydoun, the Wayne County Commissioner presented a resolution plaque to Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi on the day of IHW's Community Dinner.


Details on the Resolution:

"Saluting his service with the interfaith network in Michigan.

Whereas, it is with great pleasure that we, the members of the Wayne County commission, recognize and Bestow due honor on IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI of the Islamic House of wisdom, for his outstanding services community and the interface network; and 

Whereas IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI began his Islamic seminary studies at the age of 12, he quickly became a distinguished student and began his preaching at the age of 15, within a few years Imam Elahi became a national prominent speaker, advocating for social justice and civil rights; and Whereas, Community involvement also has been important to IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI, Who is a member many community organization‘s and is one of the founders of the Islamic of House of Wisdom, Imam Elahi along with the other founders, built the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn in 1995 and moved to its current location in Dearborn Heights in 1997; and 

Whereas, IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI is a sought – after speaker and a pioneer interfaith leader in North America, working diligently to build a spiritual and social bridges, Imam Elahi, A prolific writer and a media personality, delivers powerful Friday sermons and presentations and is a source of spiritual education and inspiration, focusing on understanding, openness, peace and tolerance; and 

Whereas, IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI Travel to London in 1986 for one year, where he had the opportunity to learn the English language, in 1989, Imam Elahi Was invited to speak at the world religious conference in San Francisco, California and travel to Dearborn, Michigan where he decided to join the growing Muslim population; therefore be it 

Resolved, That the Wayne County commission solutes and commends IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI for his career not only serving the Islamic House of Wisdom, but also the interfaith network in Michigan and abroad; and, it is further

Resolved, on this 25th day of April 2019, that this resolution be spread the length upon the journal of this day’s proceedings to endure as a lasting record of acknowledgement and that a suitable copy be presented to IMAM MOHAMMAD A. ELAHI, with the best wishes to him and his continued work in the community."

Islamic House of Wisdom Semi-Annual Dinner to Include diverse group of local, international peace advocates.

The Arab American News (https://www.arabamericannews.com)

Islamic House of Wisdom Semi-Annual Dinner to include diverse group of local, international peace advocates.

Posted on Thursday 04/18/2019 at 11:28 a.m.

by Nick Meyer


DEARBORN HEIGHTS- The Islamic House of Wisdom is preparing to host its 2019 Semi-Annual Fundraising Dinner at the Bellagio Banquet Center at 23900 Warren Avenue here on Thursday, April 25, inviting a diverse group of local and international peace advocates to speak during what has become a challenging time for Muslims and other victims of terrorism worldwide.

This year’s award recipients and speakers include Dr. Thomas Walsh, the chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, dr. Robert Bruttell, the president of Michigan Interfaith Leadership, and Imam Abdallah El-Amin, the founding imam of the Detroit Unity Center.

The Universal Peace Federation is an international and inter-religious network of individuals and organizations including representatives from religion, government, civil society and the private sector.

A representative from the government of New Zealand, a country that has been been devastated by recent terrorist attacks at two mosques that left 50 dead, has also been invited and is awaiting confirmation according to Imam Mohammad Ali, the spiritual leader of the IHW.

The event falls on Anzac Day in New Zealand, a national day of remembrance commemorating Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations, but the IHW is hoping to finalize a speakers to visit during the busy holiday season to share perspectives on the tragic event and the continuing quest for interfaith understanding and peace.

“We have invited some very important figures in the interfaith world, both at the national and international level, to this dinner,”Elahi said.” We chose people who are very much for peace and dialogue, for democracy and for diversity…. peace activists who have been working in this field of diversity for decades now, both on the local level, national level and international level.”

The dinner comes at an important time for the Shia’s Muslim community as well.

“This is actually a very exciting time and subject before the month of Ramadan and especially on the week of the birthday of one of our imams, Imam Mahdi,” Elahi said. “"That is promising peace and justice for humanity, so we thought that to turn this fundraising to an outreach occasion and opportunity to make it as part of the mission we have at the House of Wisdom which is about faith and education, engagement and standing for truth and justice.

Tickets for the events are $100 and can be purchased by calling 313-359-1221. Further details are expected to be released soon on the potential speaker from New Zealand. For more information, visit the IHW website at //www.islamichouseofwisdom.com/

One Community, One family, One Fellowship! Life is short! Time to show love, unity and brotherhood!

One Community, One Family, One Fellowship!

Life is short! Time to show love, unity and brotherhood!


It’s important to honor those community leaders or members who have a history of advocacy, action and services!

We may disagree over certain approaches in our life styles or opinions, but that is part of God’s wisdom who created us differently!

But down the road we are one community, one family and fellowship!

Our time in this area and this Earth is so short and it never worth of having hard feelings toward one another!

It was a great pleasure to welcome to IHW a dear friend, a community leader, a good example in generosity, courage and volunteerism, hajj Nasib Fawaz!

We spent an hour and spoke about many community related issues, including IHW's dinner, in which we will honor a representative from the government of New Zealand and the president of Universal Peace Federation!

To make peace in this world, we need action, that’s the only way we can make a difference and change this messy world!

Thank you hajj Nasib for coming and sharing your ideas!

Visitation, Dinner and conversation Today at IHW

Visitation, Dinner and Conversation Today at IHW


Sayyeda Robab, the president of Alsadr Foundation accompanied with the organization delegation including sayyed Hameed Alsadr, Sayyed Najad and Sayeda Lina Charafoddin, Hajja Faten Saleh, hajj Ali Ramadan, hajj Mohammad Shebbani and br Rashid Masri visited IHW

The visiting delegation were welcomed by imam Elahi, hajj Talal Turfe, Dr Hassan Amerikia and some IHW members.

Imam Elahi admired the leadership of Sayeda Robab and the services of her foundation as the continuity of legacy of Imam Musa Alsadr’s mission, vision and amazing outreach and call for unity!

Hajj Talal Turfe welcomed the sayyeda and spoke about the exceptional and unique role of IHW, specially in the areas interfaith, engagement and fighting ignorance and Islamophobia!

Imam Elahi thanked Dr Talal for his encouraging words and his role as one the greatest intellectual community leaders and authors of so many enlightening books!

Hajja UmRamzi, the head of IHW women committee also made a statement welcoming Sayyeda Robab and honoring the services of Alsadr foundation!

The meeting ended with a spacial New Spring and Nowruz dinner in an atmosphere of faith, fellowship and promise to work together for serving and supporting the most suffering segments of the society, the orphans!

Not only the orphans who lost their physical parents but also the spiritual orphans who may lost their path and directions of their life journey.

Congratulations to Ryan and Tyler

Congratulations to Ryan and Tyler

It was a beautiful night for Hijazi and Greeley families at IHW Marriage Foundation!


Imam Elahi briefed the groom and the bride on the Quranic standards of a healthy marriage union based on peace, love, respect, responsibility, provision, protection and performed their religious marriage with the presence of some family members and friends.

Imam Elahi briefed the groom and the bride on the Quranic standards of a healthy marriage union based on peace, love, respect, responsibility, provision, protection and performed their religious marriage with the presence of some family members and friends.

Imam asked the singles in the community to apply through the Marriage Foundation of IHW and get help in finding right spouse and partner to complete their lives!

Education: The Key for Transformation and Transition of Traditions and Technology in Our Time!

Education: The Key for Transformation and Transition of Traditions and Technology in Our Time!

Education: The Key for Transformation and Transition of Traditions and Technology in Our Time!

Dr. Ali Ajami, the former ambassador of Lebanon and an active community member in Dearborn, visited IHW and met imam Elahi, inviting him to attend the first conference in education to be held at Universal Academy in March.

In an hour long conversation about education, culture, language, community youth, the deadly threat of drugs, and other social problems, imam Elahi admired Universal Academy under the leadership of honorable hajja Nawal Hamadeh and expressed his support for this great initiative

The conversation focused on the central role of education in our current world and the fact that any success, prosperity and progress depend on high learning and education.

Through knowledge we learn about ourselves and our universe and that guides us to God, Who is the origin and the end of both man and the world.

Imam Elahi also emphasized on the importance of interfaith specially for the Muslim community in the Western World and asked Dr. Ajami to hold some community meetings promoting dialogue and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. 

Imam briefed Ostad Ajami of the inspiring experience of his participation in the recent international interfaith conference in Seoul

Points From Imam Elahi's Discussion with the Jackson University Students!

Points From Imam Elahi's Discussion with the Jackson University Students!

The Holy Quran is a Book of Dialogue, Interfaith and Outreach!

Though the Quran is in Arabic language, it’s mission and audience are universal!

Prophet Mohammad was a Messenger of Mercy for Mankind!

Islam is a religion of reason, knowledge, spiritual struggle for purity of soul, responsibility, faith and action!

Islam promotes peace, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation and love, yet the foundation is justice and truth!

Islamophobia is a disease that is hurting not only Islam and the Muslims but America and the world!

The criminal groups like isis have been supported by the same forces which support Islamophobia!

The Quran honors Jesus and Mary over 70 times!

Mary is the only lady mentioned by name in the Quran!

There is no room for racism in our faith!

Diversity is a Divine desire, it was possible for God to make us all the same and with one religion, but He made us different so we know one another!

Knowledge is the key for success, civilization and salvation!