Personal & Family Counseling

Help for today, Hope for Tomorrow...

Counseling through IHW is a positive alternative available to families interested in professional and faith-based Islamic counseling.

Counseling services focus on family issues such as pre-marriage advices and orientations, strengthening husband-wife relationships, reconciliation sessions, peaceful conflict resolutions, divorce mediation, working with parent-child conflicts, and any issues related to family matters.

We also provide individual counseling ranging from personal issues including Zakat/Khums, Wills and Inheritance organization, Shahada, and interfaith related dialogue.

Why people seek counseling help?

We all experience challenges in life's normal stages: marriage, career choices, parenting, and aging. Also, unexpected events such as divorce, illness, unemployment, untimely death, inability to have children, or a traumatic event may occur. There are times when families can feel overwhelmed. It is during these times that counseling can be helpful. We offer counseling based on Islamic and universal moral principals.

How do you know if counseling could benefit you or your family?

If there are issues in your life, which regularly prevent you from enjoying and maintaining a peaceful life, you may need to seek help.


To Schedule Your Appointment: Please Call Our Office at (313) 359-1221 (between 10:00am-6:00pm- Daily). 

Is counseling for you?

You should consider counseling if you have problems such as:

  • Emotional distress when talking about one's family member, fiance/fiancee, or other close relationship
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction with marriage, family or other relationship
  • Inability to get along with others (i.e. fights that occur over and over)
  • Questions about life and spirituality (i.e. a spiritual crisis)
  • Frequent references to a child's behavior, school adjustment, or underachievement


Many times those who are struggling do not want their family, neighbors, co-workers, or friends to know their problems. One of your most important rights in counseling involves confidentiality. We take that right very seriously. All counseling at the Islamic House of Wisdom is held in strictest confidence.