Imam Elahi Addressed the Citizens for peace Assembly at the Civic Center in Livonia!

Imam Elahi Addressed the Citizens for Peace Assembly at the Civic Center in Livonia!

Citizens for Peace is a Michigan movement meets monthly to plant the seeds of peace that will grow a more peaceful world.

Imam Elahi reflected on the Quranic concept of peace. The fact that peace is one of the Quranic names of God (Salaam), and He is the One who called Paradise a house of peace. Salaam is the first expression when two Muslims see each other and its Islam’s international declaration of peace and salutation.

In Islam peace is the normal rule and war is an exception, used only as self-defense. Life is so sacred to the extend that murdering one person is equal to murdering mankind all together.

Imam discussed the paths to peace and mentioned 10 roads to establish peace including promoting justice, freedom, equality, education, respecting diversity, building trust and confidence, rejecting discrimination, rejecting the concept of might is right, fighting poverty, and exercising dialogue and decent diplomacy.

Rabbi Hornsten and Bob Podzikowski were other panelists of yesterday dialogue. They reflected on the same subject from Jewish and Christian traditions.