Funeral & Memorial Services

Funeral, Memorial & Reception Services

  • Auditorium: Comfortably Seats 1000+, Stage/Podium, Special Front Seating Reserved For Families, and Convenient - Wheelchair Accessible Exits. 
  • Reception (Mahdi) Hall is capable to line up 1000 Individual Seats and 450 Seats at banquet reception tables.
  • Kitchen: Cooking/Food Prep/Storage/Catering & Full Service Tableware Available.
  • Masjid Al-Noor: Prayer room for services and reflection.
  • Private Family Room: For grieving families to meet during visitation/services.
  • Spacious parking lots (North/South: Across the street) open to minimize traffic and exiting.

Islamic House of Wisdom is a comfortable and confident location for all your spiritual needs during a time of loss. 

Funeral and Memorial services are sensitive occasions that balance religious requirements and emotional needs. IHW works closely with families to accommodate details of the funeral and memorial service for your departed loved one, as desired by the family. We are ready to help facilitate communication between the funeral homes and cemeteries to ensure that the transition of laying your beloved one to rest is done with sensitivity and ease on the family.

IHW offers the most personalized services where families can invite the speaker and reciter of their preference along with choosing the language for it to be held in including English, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. 

Before/during/after services, IHW will provide appropriate space for family meetings and visitations.

For national and international transfers of your beloved one, we know that the legal paperwork and travel arrangements can take some time. We encourage families to take advantage of the Islamic House of Wisdom to gather daily/nightly for additional majlis and prayers.

IHW does not wish to put any financial burden on families at a time of a funeral and memorial. It is up to the families to bless themselves and their departed loved one by supporting the mosque based on their intention and ability. 

While the time of our departure is unknown, one thing that is certain in life is that we all will meet our Lord! IHW is ready to help walk you through planning of your Islamic will, which will one day represent your wishes for your loved ones that you leave behind to fulfill. Appointments can be arranged through the office.

Ghusl & Shrouding of the Deceased with utmost Privacy & Respect according to Islamic Traditions!

Ghusl and shrouding of a Muslim deceased is an important religious requirement. It involves specific steps and rituals. IHW works closely with the funeral home of your choice to ensure proper preparations are taken for your departed loved ones.  Family members have the option to perform the ghusl/shrouding procedure or IHW trained faithful are available to help with this responsibility on behalf of the family.

For after office hour coordination, please email: or call: (313) 614-0030

Funeral Services