The Prophet (S) has stated, "Marriage is the basis for blessings and children are an abundance of mercy."

Islamic House of Wisdom - Marriage Services

The Islamic House of Wisdom is committed to the well being of the Muslim family and considers a successful marriage as the cornerstone of a happy and prosperous family and subsequently a purposeful and vibrant Muslim Community.


  • Islamic marriage services include a religious ceremony for family members and friends. Photos are allowed during the ceremony. Refreshments may also be arranged. The Islamic House of Wisdom also has a venue for your wedding reception if you wish to have it at the Mosque. Reservations can be arranged- call or email us to discuss!

  • Marriage counseling is available by request and by appointment. This service is provided for married couples as well as couples who are considering getting married.

  • Divorce is discouraged by Islam and should only be sought as a last resort. The center has no authority to grant a legal-civil divorce. A civil divorce is granted only under the authority of the court system.