Foster Care

We at the Islamic House of Wisdom seek to raise awareness of the need to recruit foster parents who are ready to make a difference in the lives of children by opening hearts and homes to providing short/long-term or emergency care.

Who can be a foster Caregiver?

  • Renting, buying or owning your own home
  • From any ethnic or cultural background
  • Has enough space in their home to accommodate a child/children* Call/Email for Details
  • You can request your preferences of service regarding:  gender, age range and religion
  • The foster child can be enrolled in a school close to your home
  • Foster Children in your care will receive access to medical and dental aid in addition to child care services and a daily living allowance.

For More Information- Please Contact us!

If you're Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent! (Or Would like More information) *
If you're Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent! (Or Would like More information)
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Attend an Orientation Session: The comprehensive orientation will not only review guidelines, but help illustrate what you can expect as a foster parent. Agency representatives will be happy to answer all your questions during the orientation.

Complete Application: After orientation, the agency will provide you with a licensing application packet. In general, the application steps are:

  • Schedule fingerprinting with your licensing agency.

  • Complete the foster home licensing application.

  • Submit your application and fingerprinting clearance form to your licensing worker.

  • Complete medical records for the entire family.

  • Complete any other requested paperwork with your licensing worker.

Participate in a Home Evaluation: Before welcoming a foster child into your home, you must pass an on-site home evaluation performed by the licensing agent. The agency you selected will meet with your family several times for on-site home visits and interviews. After you attend orientation and submit your application, your agency will schedule your first home visit.

Attend Free Training (12 Hours): - PRIDE training offers valuable information to make sure you are ready to become a foster parent. Every licensed foster parent needs to complete 12 hours of PRIDE training. NOTE: Once you are licensed, you have 18 months to complete an additional 12 hours of PRIDE training.

Upon Completion of All Steps - You will be licensed for both short/long term and emergency care!

Want more information?   Call us at (313) 359-1221 or Email: