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"I love how progressive this organization is! Maashaa Allah! May Allah reward you all tremendously! " -Thanks!

- Imam Elahi always has a pleasant, sincere, and welcoming smile, every time I see him and that’s heartwarming. He must be very busy, yet he still has the courage to treat everyone with kindness. He’s truly a role model and a leader of the community!”

-The employees at the Islamic House of Wisdom are very friendly and helpful!”

-I like the new renovations they’ve added to the mosque. The auditorium looks spectacular and elegant.

- The Islamic House of Wisdom has been a warm and welcome place that has been quite generous to me. Being new to the faith of Islam can be a difficult or awkward transition due to cultural norms, etc. but what I have found with the staff and members of the house of wisdom has been a wonderful reflection of the heart of Islam in general. I have the deepest respect and heartfelt thankfulness for their warm presence and I have always felt the presence of God there....

- It always made me feel like family. I’ve grown up here and became part of an amazing family. When it comes to programs they do not take any light measures. Everything is done above and beyond expectations! From kids programs, Arabic and Islamic schools, Muharram and Ramadan programs, everything is taken seriously here. And everyone loves what they do ❤️ May Allah(SWT) rewards them for all their efforts!

- It’s my honor to know Honorable Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi and many members of his beautiful Mosque Islamic House of Wisdom.

- I loved being a part of the house of wisdom program I’m honored to help and provide my services for such a great cause.
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-I love the Islamic House of Wisdom because of the atmosphere. It has an air of pure sincerity and honesty.”

-It’s nice because the lectures are offered separately in Arabic and English, allowing the audience to attend both and benefit from both wise speakers.”

-I have grown up here, where the staff are like family and most people are welcoming and sincere!”

-I like the people and the sense of community. It’s very warm spiritually.”

-There are many services I enjoy throughout the year including the ever present Friday prayer program.”

-The auditorium and hall look stunning. I love that the artwork is hand painted. It’s so much more meaningful and beautiful!

- First masjid I’ve attended since I converted that had such a strong love for knowledge and spreading wisdom among the layman. I LOVED the library you could buy books from outside the masjid area and then inside the masjid area, there were giant Qurans and a huge variety of books in the English. Very friendly people and awesome imam. Loved this place a lot!

- Very peaceful, educated and professional American Muslims run it and do a lot of interfaith work. Its pro one of the most open and welcoming Masjids out here. I love how they let several organizations including non - Muslim ones too use their facility for the betterment of the community from soup kitchens to movie nights, its a good place to go.

- It is great institution that teahes our kids to follow Ahlul bayt’s path.

- I visited there years ago. Educated and welcoming. Will make it a point to come back soon. Peace.

- A center is what the people make of it. You can find warm, good hearted people here.

- It is helpful Islamic center for all Muslim who lives in Michigan to make a great community with different nationalities.